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Plant List

Specimen Garden

Abrialis – L. x i

Ana Luisa – L. a x L. lanata

Arctic Snow – L. a

Ashdown Forest – L. a

Avice Hill – L. a

Baby Blue – L. a

Backhouse Nana – L. a

Bettys Blue – L. a

Blue Cushion – L. a

Bleu de Colinas – L. a

Blue Mountain – L. a

Blushing Bride – L. a

Bogong – L. x i

Bowles Early – L. a

Brabant Blue – L. a

Brabant Lust – L. a

Cedar Blue – L. a

Cedar Pink – L. a

Celestial Star – L. a

Chelsea Pink – L. a

Coconut Ice – L. a

Croxtons Wild – L. a

Cynthia Johnson – L. a

Dutch – L. x i

Dwarf White – L. a

Edelweiss – L. x i

Egerton Blue – L. a

Elizabeth – L. a

Eola – L. a

Faire Pink – L. a

Fiesta – L. a

Fiona English – L. a

Fragrant Memories – L. x i

Fred Boutin – L. x i

French Fields – L. a

Goldberg – L. x i

Grappenhall – L. x i

Gros Bleu – L. x i

Hidcote Pink – L. a

Imperial Gem – L. a

Impress Purple – L. x i

Jaubert – L. x i

Jennifer– L. a x L. lanata

Lady Ann – L. a

Lavenite Petite – L. a

Little Lady – L. a

Loddon Blue – L. a

Maillette – L. a

Marge Clark – L. x i

Martha Roderick – L. a

Melissa Lilac – L. a

Middatchten – L. a

Miss Katherine – L. a

Nana Atropurea – L. a

New Zealand Blue – L. a

Opal Rain – L. a

Pacific Pink – L. a

Pale Pretender – L. x i

Pastors Pride – L. a

Phenomenal – L. x i

Platinum Blonde – L. a

Princess Blue – L. a

Purple Bouquet – L. a

Rebecca Kay – L. a

Riverina Alan – L. x i

Riverina Eunice – L. a

Riverina Thomas – L. x i

Sarah – L. a

Scottish Cottage – L. x i

Skylark – L. a

Sumian – L. x i

Summerland Supreme – L. a

Super Blue – L. a

Sussex – L. x i

Thomas – L. x i

Thumbelina Leigh – L. a

Two Amys – L. a

Two Seasons – L. a

Victorian Amethyst – L. a

Violet Intrigue – L. a

Willow Pond Dwarf Blue L. a

Wyckoff – L. a

* L. a = Lavandula angustifolia, also known as English lavender or true lavender. Blooms June - July.

* L. x i = Lavandula x intermedia, also known as Lavandin (or often as French Lavender), is a cross between Lavendula angustifolia and Lavendula latifolia (Portuguese lavender). Blooms July - Aug.


The Field

  • Charitable Arts
    Handmade, hand-painted ceramic tiles and fused glass. 50% of proceeds (+ vendor matching additional 50%) donated to a local non-profit organization.
  • Dorothy from Oz
    Hats, crowns, tissue holders, eye glass holders, manicure sets, angels, cozy bowls, jar grips, etc.
  • Dragon's Den Studios
    Offering a selection of handmade jewelry, exquisite clay art in the form of sculptures and amulets, as well as crystals and minerals.
  • Ewenique Quilts & Gifts
    Specializing in quilts, hand embroidered table runners, wool penny rugs, a variety of handmade pillows, pin cushions, and sachets
  • Ila's Foods
    Using locally sourced ingredients, Ila’s creates small batch jams, jellies, relishes, seasonings and toppings. Offering products crafted with layers of flavor profiles in every bite. Featuring jams and jellies made with Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain’s very own culinary lavender! Update: Sadly, Debbie & John, from Ila's Foods, are unable to join us in person this year. We will, however, be sellling a few of their items through our Cottage Gift Shop.
  • Keith's Frame of Mind
    Offering Wildlife, Portrait and Event Photography, Custom Printing & Framing, Photography Instruction, Artist Reproduction & Support Services.
  • Lost Mountain Pottery
    Each wheel thrown, hand painted or Fat Lava glazed porcelain piece is crafted by Jennifer Duncan-Taylor; the founder of our lavender farm. "Fat Lava" is a glazing technique used by West German Artisan potters from 1950-1970's. Since the reunification of East and West Germany, fat lava pieces have become highly collectible. Jennifer's updated version is lead and cadmium free, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.
  • Marie Lee Creations
    Handmade crocheted creations including purses, totes, hats, hair scrunchies, stuffed animals, tops, cardigans, earrings, keychains, and more!
  • Rainshadow Creations
    Embroidered linen dishtowels, hand made aprons, canvas market bags, reusable vegetable bags, pillowcases, wall hangings, flags, beaded jewelry, earrings, wrap bracelets, and more!
  • Sassy Glass
    Flower motif fused glass: plates, dishes, platters, jewelry, window and wall hangings, and other art objects
  • Wishful Roasting
    Small batch coffee roasting at its finest!
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