Plant List

Specimen Garden

Abrialis – L. x i

Ana Luisa – L. a x L. lanata

Arctic Snow – L. a

Ashdown Forest – L. a

Avice Hill – L. a

Baby Blue – L. a

Backhouse Nana – L. a

Bettys Blue – L. a

Blue Cushion – L. a

Bleu de Colinas – L. a

Blue Mountain – L. a

Blushing Bride – L. a

Bogong – L. x i

Bowles Early – L. a

Brabant Blue – L. a

Brabant Lust – L. a

Cedar Blue – L. a

Cedar Pink – L. a

Celestial Star – L. a

Chelsea Pink – L. a

Coconut Ice – L. a

Croxtons Wild – L. a

Cynthia Johnson – L. a

Dutch – L. x i

Dwarf White – L. a

Edelweiss – L. x i

Egerton Blue – L. a

Elizabeth – L. a

Eola – L. a

Fairie Pink – L. a

Fiesta – L. a

Fiona English – L. a

Fragrant Memories – L. x i

Fred Boutin – L. x i

French Fields – L. a

Goldberg – L. x i

Grappenhall – L. x i

Gros Bleu – L. x i

Hidcote Pink – L. a

Imperial Gem – L. a

Impress Purple – L. x i

Jaubert – L. x i

Jennifer– L. a x L. lanata

Lady Ann – L. a

Lavenite Petit – L. a

Little Lady – L. a

Loddon Blue – L. a

Maillette – L. a

Marge Clark – L. x i

Martha Roderick – L. a

Melissa Lilac – L. a

Middatchten – L. a

Miss Katherine – L. a

Nana Atropurea – L. a

New Zealand Blue – L. a

Opal Rain – L. a

Pacific Pink – L. a

Pale Pretender – L. x i

Pastors Pride – L. a

Phenomenal – L. x i

Platinum Blonde – L. a

Princess Blue – L. a

Purple Bouquet – L. a

Rebecca Kay – L. a

Riverina Alan – L. x i

Riverina Eunice – L. a

Riverina Thomas – L. x i

Sarah – L. a

Scottish Cottage – L. x i

Skylark – L. a

Sumian – L. x i

Summerland Supreme – L. a

Super Blue – L. a

Sussex – L. x i

Thomas – L. x i

Thumbelina Leigh – L. a

Two Amys – L. a

Two Seasons – L. a

Victorian Amethyst – L. a

Violet Intrigue – L. a

Willow Pond Dwarf Blue L. a

Wyckoff – L. a

* L. a = Lavandula angustifolia, also known as English lavender or true lavender. Used for bouquets, culinary purposes, and oil. Blooms June - July.

* L. x i = Lavandula x Intermedia, also known as Lavandin or French Lavender, is a cross between Lavendula angustifolia and Lavendula latifolia (Portuguese lavender). Used for bouquets, bud, and essential oil. Blooms July - Aug.


The Field

Beuna Vista

A compact, slow-growing, English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) with a double blooming season (spring and fall). Buena Vista has a strong fragrance, distinctive deep blue calyx (buds) and lighter blue corolla (flowers). It is excellent for culinary purposes and makes a lovely border plant. Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain harvests Buena Vista for culinary purposes.


A tiny English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) with fragrant, high-yield, violet purple calyx (buds). It boasts high oil production for an English lavender, and is exceptional for culinary use. Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain harvests Folgate for culinary purposes and essential oil production.


A hardy, high-yielding French lavender (L x intermedia or Lavandin), its dried calyx (buds) are excellent for sachets, while its long stems are perfect for both fresh and dried bouquets. Grosso is such a high-yielding plant it is currently the most widely used lavender variety for oil production. Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain harvests Grosso for dried bud, bouquet bundles, and essential oil.

Hidcote Blue

Described as a dwarf English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) variety, often used for creating borders, it produces deep purple corolla (flowers). Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain harvests Hidcote Blue for vivid purple, petite, fresh and dried bouquet bundles.

Jean Davis

A compact English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) with pale pink flowers, it works well in landscaped areas as a nice contrast with Hidcote Blue or Buena Vista. This lavender features a delightful fruity taste making it perfect for culinary use in baking. Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain harvest Jean Davis for culinary purposes.


A tight, compact English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) with small pink and white corolla (flowers) which last longer than other pink varieties. A lovely border plant, exceptional for culinary use. Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain harvests Melissa for culinary purposes and fresh bouquets.

*Riverina Thomas

A fairly new triploid variety of French lavender (L x intermedia). This strong, midsummer repeat-bloomer boasts long spikes of large, dense whorls of showy lavender/mauve-colored corolla (flowers) with silver green foliage and an extremely high oil content; up to 5x that of the parent types, and surpassing Grosso. Its dried calyx (bud) makes exquisite potpourri, and its long stems and spikes (flower heads) are unsurpassed for both fresh/dried crafts and bouquet bundles. Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain harvests Riverina Thomas for essential oil production, dried bud, fresh/dried bouquet bundles.

*Royal Velvet

A small to medium-sized English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) with a multitude of uses. Its foliage and deep purple corolla (flowers) are highly aromatic, making it a great oil producer and excellent for culinary uses. Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain harvests Royal Velvet for elegant, fragrant, fresh and dried bouquet bundles, deep purple dried calyx (bud), delightful culinary purposes, and exquisite essential oil production.

Sharon Roberts

A medium-sized English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) with dark blue/purple flowers, a long blooming period, and a delightfully robust fragrance, it is stunning as a border plant. Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain harvests Sharon Roberts for culinary purposes as well as fresh bouquet bundles.


An elegant French lavender (L x intermedia) with thick lateral branching and a low camphor content. Considered the best perfume of all lavandins, its oil has a light, flowery aroma. Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain harvests Super for essential oil which is used in all the hand-crafted products found in The Cottage Gift Shop. Lavender Sommelier, Gold Medal, International Lavender Oil Judging of 2019 Oils.